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Option 1 - Get Insights

If you choose to pay per call, the first thing that you will realize quickly is the quality of the call. Most advertisers and call center owners say that we have the longest average call duration and highest converting calls of any of their call campaigns. Our testing process consists of 3 phases: 1) test between $5-10k on TV, 2) keep the low cost per call stations and ditch the rest, and 3) add the low CPC stations to your ongoing campaign. Then it's back to #1, rinse and repeat.

Option 2 - DR Ad Agency

One of the benefits of retaining Malbis as an ad agency (vs pay-per-call) is that we do not charge new call center clients during any initial test period. This method incentivizes us to work hard to find TV stations and networks that generate a low cost per call. Think of it this way -- we only earn a commission IF you re-order and you will notre-order if we do not deliver profitable calls the first go-round.

The Call Tracking


Malbis is all about complete transparency when it comes to call reporting. You will be able to log in to our call tracking platform to view calls in real-time, call history reports, and more. In addition, you will be able to listen to call recordings, set up your call center hours of operation, state restrictions, multiple campaigns and offers, etc.

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Current Going Rates For Calls

Before you glance at the call prices below and run, here us out first.

Cost Per Call

If our costs per call seem to be on the high side, it's because our calls convert on the really high side. We know how you hate getting recycled, low converting calls from cross-sells, up-sells, co-regs, etc. That's not our way of generating calls.

Quality Trumps Quantity

We love it when we talk to a call center sales manager who knows the benefits of getting the highest quality calls available. Benefits like sales agent efficiency (ie. close more deals in less time) which directly lowers overhead (ie. you need less seats because your agents are now closing 40 deals a week) and the overall happiness of your sales team.

Senior Market Verticals Testing Rates
Knee & Back Brace* $30 / :01 $44 / :60
Medicare Supplemental Insurance* $21 / :01 $40 / :60
Medical Alert $22 / :01 $35 / :60
Final Burial Expense Insurance $17 / :01 $28 / :60
Settlement / Annuities $24 / :01 $55 / :60
Walk-in Tubs $28 / :01 $65 / :60
Reverse Mortgage $25 / :01 $55 / :60

Don't see your call center offer listed to the left?

We always love to take on new ventures. Call now to see if you qualify to test your offer for free.

Call 1-800-500-3222 to get things rolling.

What We Need From You

High Quality Calls Must Be Paired With A High Quality Sales Floor

Let's be honest -- not all call center sales floors are created equal. Some call centers close deals better than others. We want to work with sales floors that can sell. Not a bunch of inefficient rookies whose conversion rates are awful. That makes our high converting calls look bad.

We expect to work with call centers who have 2 or more years experience in buying calls AND who value calls over web leads. A web lead contact rate is only 33%, and obviously a phone call contact rate is 100%. We don't do anything to "water down" the quality of a call, which is why we get complaints regarding "quantity" (can you please send us more calls?!) but never "quality".

Why does your ability to close deals matter to us? Because if your team can sell better than your competitors, then your call center can afford to pay more for a phone call than your competitor. Yes, we went there. And we'd like to work with you if you believe that we're a good fit.

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Do You Generate
Senior Market Sales Calls?

If you currently generate high quality senior market sales calls (volume is irrelevant), let's talk. Malbis has plenty of buyers and plays well with others who are similarly situated to generate calls via "whitehat" advertising methods. Call us at 1-800-500-3222 and let us know how you would like to work together.


Here are a few of the successful TV commercials that we are running for our advertisers and call centers.